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by Melissa Morphis-Jones, LMT





Massage Rejuvenate is back open after closing 2 months for the covid-19 breakout! Rest assured, I have taken an additional infectious disease class to refresh my memory on protocols and am using not just lysol, but a hospital grade disinfectant that may only be purchased by licensed professionals. I am scheduling extra time between clients so that the room is completely sanitized and ready for each client. Massages and gift cards are still all by appointment only so please schedule by texting or calling me at 816-812-2992 and leave a detailed message. During this time, I am requiring you to come to your massage appointment alone so that this minimizes any unnecessary infection coming to my place. The health department is also requiring you to come into the office with your own mask and I too will be wearing a mask. You will also have to sign a waiver stating that you are not and have not been sick to the best of your knowledge, and that if you have, you have already self quarantined. You are also consenting to your massage even when you know that the virus is still around..if you feel that you may possibly be ill, then please please please reschedule. In turn if I feel you are showing any sort of sickness, I have every right to end the massage without hesitation. Our health and well being are most important. As long as you know and agree to all mentioned above, I would love to work with you and look forward to getting all of my regular and new clients back on track. Without you, there is no Massage Rejuvenate. Thank you and thank you for understanding. I cannot wait to help! Please enjoy your tailored massage!


Hello and welcome to Massage Rejuvenate! My name is Melissa Morphis-Jones and I am the proud owner of Massage Rejuvenate. Thank you for visiting my website! At Massage Rejuvenate, you will feel welcome and comfortable from the minute you walk through my door. With your first visit, we will have a brief consultation and I will recommend a treatment plan that I feel will best suit you. Feel free to ask questions or voice your concerns. I will gladly answer to the best of my knowledge. Flexible morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available at Massage Rejuvenate to better fit your busy lifestyle!

There are many reasons for people of all ages to incorporate massage into their everyday healthcare regimens. As we know, everday life can be stressful mentally and physically. After awhile, your body will feel that stress and pain. Massage can help with almost anything! For example, massage can help with increasing blood circulation and metabolism, expelling waste products from your cells, reducing stress by releasing tension, easing pain from an injury, relaxing muscles and is beneficial for chronic conditions such as headaches, tmj issues, low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression and more.

Massage is also wonderful for just an overall relaxing experience. A soft, warm, clean table, dim light and soft gentle, relaxing music only add to the entire feeling of aaaaahhhhh. And when you are finished, your mind will be rejuvenated and your body will feel refreshed. Now doesn't that sound nice? Then what are you waiting for? Call me and make time for you today!

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