Massage Rejuvenate

by Melissa Morphis-Jones, LMT

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

There are several services to choose from. Pick what works best for you below. Payment is available by Cash, Check, Debit or Credit through the square app .

ATTENTION: Prices have increased as of July 1st, 2020. My massages have always been kept on the lower end of pricing, but after 13 years costs have gone up for supplies and rent. Below are the new prices. Thank you to all of my awesome clients!


Services Include


30 Minute Regional Massage (area of concern) $50


45 Minute Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage $65


60 Minutes  $75

75 Minutes  $85

90 Minutes  $100

Hot stone is not currently available


Please understand that even though most massages with atleast 60 minutes can be full body massage (excluding genitals, breasts or abdomen), you can request to have just your upper body worked on for the entire time or we can address the areas of issues. This is your time to feel better so please feel free to make that request. This is a very common request and/or suggestion and will give us more time to address issues and conditions if needed. Thank you!


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